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  ProdID: 1879 - Traffic Sounds puzzleBrand / Manufacturer :Baby First Product Score: 7.8 
Traffic Sounds puzzle

Price : $24.00
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A fun and colourful puzzle representing different aspects of transport: a ship, a train a car, a motorbike, all of which make sounds when replaced in their proper places.
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6mooars   Review #2704 - Dated: 22nd of September, 2008
  Author: 6mooars

At first the children weren't as interested as I thought they would be, but after discovering that it also made sounds it was a hit. The noises are just at the right level so dont drive you complelely batty!! The shapes are quite simple so makes this puzzle achieveable for those just learning about puzzles. The colours are lovely and attractive without being too bright.

Value for Money
Personal Choice
bronnie   Review #2623 - Dated: 14th of August, 2008
  Author: bronnie

My first impression of this puzzle is that it looks well built, as the wooden handles on the puzzle pieces are very sturdy. The puzzle has great colour combinations.
The puzzle covers 6 modes of transport.
The sound effects are quite good, the most realistic sounds are from the fire engine and the motorbike.
This puzzle does need batteries to be able to work, however batteries ARE included, so there will be no last minute dashes to the shop because you have no batteries on hand.
When I tested this puzzle last night I found that it needs a certain amont of light surrounding the puzzle to make it work, as the light from my touch lamp was not enough to get the puzzle to make a sound. Obviously you will only ever play with it in the day, or a normal light is enough to make it's noise.
The sounds that it makes are not loud at all. Just loud enough for a child to hear, so it wont drive you batty.
My daughter loves the fact it makes a noise to tell her she's got the piece of puzzle in the right place.

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