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  ProdID: 1819 - Jacque the PeacockManufactured byLamaze Product Score: 9.0 
Jacque the Peacock

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Jacque is a bright colourful peacock with squeaks, crinkles and rattles, as well as many different textures and a mirror for baby's entertainment and growth.
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Jopukeko   Review #5507 - Dated: 16th of March, 2012
  Author: Jopukeko

I bought Jacque the Peacock for my youngest daughter when she was born because my eldest daughter had really loved her Lamaze Emily.

I like that the back of the feathers were black and white patterns which is ideal for new born babies. The front has lots of lovely bright colours for when she was older and added to the cuteness factor.

It makes lots of different sounds but doesn't require batteries like so many baby toys these days. It squeaks, crinkles and rattles. There are pieces of fabric for her to chew on and grab hold of.

The big clip was very handy for clipping to the stroller. Peacock went everywhere with us and was great for keeping her entertained.

I love the little mirror which her older sister loved to use to admire herself. It was a feature that Emily didn't have.

The one thing that Emily had that I missed with Peacock was the teething rings. Apart from the plastic clip there was nothing for her to chew on.

Peacock has received a lot of attention for my daughter and is still fabulous.

Value for Money
Personal Choice
Tucker   Review #2585 - Dated: 24th of July, 2008
  Author: Tucker

As a father for the second time, it has been interesting to see how many toy ranges have stayed alive by sticking with what works, and making it work better... while some have scrabbled along trying new thing after new thing, keeping alive by keeping their name in front of the consumer by flooding the market with "the next newest hit thing" every few months.

Lamaze has been around quite a while, and have stuck with the key toy concepts, bringing out *slight* variations, but always keeping the core ideals intact. 'Jacque' here is a fine example, albeit with a few possible alterations to improve it.

By far the biggest comment I have heard, and agree with, is that the mirror on the wing is either incorrectly placed, or just plain too small to be effective. However, to address the second point in particular, and keep it in perspective... to make the mirror bigger would require the toy to be bigger, which them brings it firmly into the 'too bulky' category... personally, I would either move it to his *back* or drop it entirely.

The heavily coloured and textured wings are brilliant, and though I utterly loath squeeky toys, his little chirper is quite a giggle-maker for my 8 week old son, who enjoys lying next to 'Jacque' while he's getting his nappy changed, so that he can wave his arms around and enjoy the -crinkle- noises. The bold stripes and patches of colour draw his eyes, and his hands, so it's got a lot of good going for it.

The big plastic clip can be tough to open, since it has no hinge or pivot point. It's simply a moulded 'C' of plastic, and can be difficult to get onto thick supports, such as wooden cot sides or heavy-duty handles on baby carriers. However, this has the advantage of making it almost impossible for a child to ever get if *off* when Mum or Dad aren't looking. A definite *plus* point in my book. Thumbs Up

Overall, a durable, sturdy toy, well suited for children aged birth through to maybe a year, at a stretch... but with a lifespan measured far longer in my estimation, so if the wife and I decide to go for #3, at least we can rest assured 'Jacque' will be around and ready for duty.

Value for Money
Personal Choice
nucleartor   Review #2583 - Dated: 24th of July, 2008
  Author: nucleartor

I like the arrangement of various noises that are on this toy. Also the black and white patterns on the back side of the Peacock keep young babies entertained. The colourful side seems to start to interest bub but she gets frustrated as I think there is too many colours making it quite busy and tiring for her.

The mirror on the top right "wing" seems to catch her attention the most, but would probably be better suited on the Peacock's stomach where bub can see it properly. The size of the toy is excellent, not so big as to hang down too low and hit her in the face but big enough to be grabbed by little hands finding their way around. Again, the crinkles make this even more enjoyable for her.

Iím not sure as to what the clip is made specifically to attach onto, but we have found that it attaches onto her play gym easily, as well as her pram and bassinet. It is however hard to get onto the carry handle of her capsule for entertainment in the car. A bulldog clip type or hook may be a little better as it would make it even more versatile.

The price for the product you get is just right, it seems to be a fairly sturdy product that we will pass on to our next baby as well. Overall, itís a really neat toy for younger babies.

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