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  ProdID: 167 - TUMONZ Module : Property BoundariesDeveloped byVision Software Product Score: 9.5 
TUMONZ Module : Property Boundaries

Price : $90.00
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Available : online or 0800 number.

This module brings you all the property boundaries throughout New Zealand. This database is maintained regularly by Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) and includes up to date legal road reserves, road centrelines, road names, and street addresses along with title and owner information. You can zoom to a property and click to find title, owner information and property area or simply copy and generate an instant property map.

What are the Property Boundaries?
The property boundaries module is an optional add-in module for TUMONZ that provides you with all of the property outlines for New Zealand, along with a more complete set of road definitions (as part of the DCDB - Digital Cadastral DataBase). These boundaries, and the road definitions, are the legal boundaries and may differ in some places from actual boundaries (in some places the legal road boundaries differ slightly from where the roads are actually built).

The module requires that you have already installed TUMONZ. You can copy the property boundaries module (from the CD it is supplied on) to your hard-disk or run it from your CD drive.

Once you have the Property Boundaries module, you will be able to show or hide the DCDB layers using the Layer Manager (or by selecting views that either include or exclude the DCDB layers).
Ease of Install
Ease of Use
Tucker   Review #168 - Dated: 14th of March, 2004
  Author: Tucker

This module was kind of scary actually... the information available is quite remarkable. Ever walked past a house and thought to yourself "I wonder who lives there?" Well, this module MIGHT be able to answer that thought... it will at least be able to tell you who OWNS it, if not who lives in it.

However, this can also prove to be quite a bit of entertainment, and quite practical too. For property developers, they can instantly find out who they need to contact, without time-consuming council archive enquiries (and what's free from a council these days?!). Or how about a direct marketing company, who can use this module to address mail to the owner by name. And there could be many more uses for this module... but ethically it could be a bit of a minefield. With great knowledge comes great responsability.

On the more fun side, it was cool to sit down and see who owns the various chunks of land I once called home over the years (I even found one address had vanished, due to a rezoning and name change!) so it can be useful for nostalgia buffs too.

A search system that allows you to search the Property Boundaries database by name would be cool too... but again with the moral boundary warning!

Overall, an awesome module for TUMONZ, itself an awesome package. Well worth the explore, and if you can figure a way to make use of knowing who owns what chunk of land, a very good investment indeed.

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