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  ProdID: 1514 - Headset with Mic - DeluxeManufactured byVerbatim Product Score: 8.8 
Headset with Mic - Deluxe

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Supplier :
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Product Information
    • Flexible strap for comfort
    • Volume control and on/off switch for microphone
    • 2 metre shielded wire
    • Designed for multimedia applications
    • High quality stereo sound
    • Microphone cover to eliminate distortion
    • Adjustable microphone angle for comfortable use
    • Powered by soundcard

Product Specifications:
    • Frequency Range: 20-20,000 Hz
    • Impedance: 32 Ohm
    • Max. Power Input: 100mW
    • Sensitivity: 97dB
    • Jack: 3.5mm
    • Cord Length: 2m

    • Impedance: Low
    • Sensitivity: -62dB
    • Jack: 3.5mm
Sound Quality
black-kat   Review #2171 - Dated: 31st of August, 2007
  Author: black-kat

Having tried many different varieties of headset over the years, these are some of the nicest I have come across in a long time.

They are a simple yet comfortable design, which in my mind is good, as simple means alot less to go ping, snap, fizzle etc..

It's volume range is very impressive, by using the inline volume control, the windows volume control or a mixture of both you can get it as loud as you might want and start to damage what little hearing you might have left.

The microphone is great. It's lightweight unobtrusive. It is also highly sensitive so I recommend doing some testing first to get the input volume set just right before you go and fire up Skype and start a conversation with your pal from Elbonia, as it's most likely your pal will also hear everything going on in the background of your place. However personally, sensitive is good, especially if you are going to be using it with the likes of Dragon Naturally Speaking or even the Windows XP/Vista speech recognition system.

The cord length is just perfect for those of you who have either a desktop case or have your tower parked up beside your monitor. Unfortunately my setup isn't like that so I've had to install an extension for my mic connection, but this seemed to have no effect in the quality of the signal from my mic.

This is a delightful little unit and I will be holding onto this one for a while.

User Comments

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