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  ProdID: 1400 - Soundboy RockPerformed byGroove Armada Product Score: 9.3 
Soundboy Rock

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UK DJ duo Groove Armada are back with another bass-bumping, ass-shakin', hands-in-the-air slew of tracks in their fifth studio album 'Soundboy Rock'. Featuring collaborations with Mutya (ex-Sugababes), Candi Staton, Alan Donohoe (The Rakes) & Richard Archer (Hard-Fi) and London MC Stush, 'Soundboy Rock' is being sited as their best album to date.

"There's a kind of no-nonsense attitude about this record... We've been taking a storming live show around the world for ten years. We wanted to capture that energy for the first time on a whole CD."

Track Listing:
    •  Hasta luego Mr. Fab
    •  Get Down
    •  The Things that We Could Share
    •  Save my soul
    •  What's Your Version?
    •  Paris
    •  Love Sweet Sound
    •  The Girl's Say
    •  Lightsonic
    •  Soundboy Rock
    •  Drop That Thing
    •  Song 4 Mutya (Out of Control)
    •  From the Rooftops
    •  See What You Get
    •  What's Your Version? (Reprise)
Value for Money
Personal Choice
Tucker   Review #1950 - Dated: 1st of June, 2007
  Author: Tucker

Ever since I saw the video for "Superstyling" and heard those choice bass beats hammering away at my chest as I leaned casually on the bar sipping at Bourbon & Coke, trying to stay out of the way of all the gyrating youth around me, I was hooked... Groove Armada were officially on my personal Hit Parade.

As time has gone past, like a fine wine GA have gotten better, stronger, and in many ways more innovative with how they rock you... and this new album writes this on a brick and casually drops it in your earhole...

Tracks that I rather liked would have to include the short, but mellow "Hasta luego Mr. Fab" - despite being only a minute long, it's a nice cruisy start to an otherwise boppy high-thump album... "The things that we could share" - mainly because it actually contained more than 5 words, and kinda told a story... "Save my Soul" - even though it's not quite what I would class as 'my thing', it is still a great bit of music to sit in a corner of a crowded bar and quietly zone out to, trippy but not trance... and of course the title track, "Soundboy Rock" which carried some seriously UNsubtle Reggae overtones, which I adore thanks to many years of stuffing the lyrical gold of Bob Marley into my ears.

Tracks I didn't like... ummm... none really... they all had something seriously good going for them, each in their own way. I would have to class this as a rare album indeed... one that has not got a single dud track on it! Sure, you might not LOVE them all, but if you like any, you're going to be able to enjoy them all... some will make you want to jump up and gyrate like you have undies full of fire-ants, some will make you want to just sit and zone along... but they will all reach into you and pull something groovy to the surface.

Overall... -shhh- I'm grooving... go get your own copy to listen to! Wink Icon

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