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  ProdID: 136 - Maketu Smoked Fish PieManufactured byMaketu Pies Ltd Product Score: 9.0 
Maketu Smoked Fish Pie

Price : $2.20 +/-
Supplier :
Available : At good food retailers

Maketu Pies, made in the Bay of Plenty, and distributed to fine food outlets, for you to enjoy.

Available in a wide variety of flavours, there's a pie for everyone.

Note: Sample image only. Actual product may vary.
Value for Money
bookchattercath   Review #5346 - Dated: 30th of January, 2012
  Author: bookchattercath

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Maketu smoked fish pie....it totally rocks on all levels.
The filling is tasty the pastry is delicious and I've never lamented the price....worth every cent :)

Value for Money
vivid   Review #1496 - Dated: 27th of October, 2006
  Author: vivid

One of the best fish pies I have ever tried. Not a great seafood fan really but have been known to enjoy a nicely cooked piece of crumbed fish from a quality takeaway joint if they do a good job of it. I was really impressed at the pie because it was very filling and had a really pleasant flavour. Not too strong and yet still with a nice taste that came through the creamy sauce. The pastry was light but sturdy and didnt fall apart even though this pie was cooked in the microwave. It wasnt even chewy either. The price was by far the most impressive bit since it is cheaper than most of the small overcooked meatbricks you get at supermarkets or petrol stations and yet is really nice to eat. Worth every cent and more.

Value for Money
craftmadhermit   Review #1490 - Dated: 25th of October, 2006
  Author: craftmadhermit

Smoked Fish pie… hmmm…
I will admit I was a bit wary about trying it, but decided “what the heck”, I like pies, and I like most varieties of Smoked Fish. So in the microwave it went, and with only a flicker of hesitation, I gave it a go. A mouth-watering aroma teased my nose the moment it came out of the microwave, and the taste certainly lived up to the promise given by its smell… full of rich “fishy” flavour while being creamy and smooth in texture, and with a light golden pastry that while mildly flaky, wasn’t doing the usual “pastry rain” I’m used to with most pies. It was indeed an enjoyable meal, with me contemplating having a second once I’d finished it.
Now I’m rather looking forward to trying some of the other unusual flavoured pies Maketu have in their range, and strongly suggest that if you like smoked fish at all, to give the pie a go.

Value for Money
Tucker   Review #141 - Dated: 6th of February, 2004
  Author: Tucker

I am not a great fan of Fish Pie, but I have to admit this one was quite impressive. Full of flavour, tasty pastry, the only gripe I had with it was that as usual for Fish Pies, there was no real bite to it. It was fish gravy.

Overall, still a very tasty pie, and if you like Fish Pies, you'll certainly enjoy this fine sampling from the bakery wizards at Makatu.

User Comments
where did you purchase these pies from. who ate all the pies? I did... I would consider myself a bit of a conasuer of pies and am particularly partial to Maketu Pies, but have been unable to find a steady supply of these tastebud tinglers in my area that being Palmy....

Supplier Accounts Dept
Originally discovered in Palmy at the FOODTOWN in Ferguson Street, it has now been discovered that as part of that store's shift to the COUNTDOWN brand, Maketu Pies have been discontinued. We are awaiting a reply from Maketu HQ as to current stockists in the Manawatu region. Visit again for further details.

Daph in HB
Would like to know the possible retailers selling Makatu pies in the HB area. Also have heard that there is a mussel pie, is this correct?

Feedback Dept
Thanks for that... Your comments and questions were passed to the Maketu Pies agent.

Andrew-Sales Manager Maketu Pies
Hi Craig, To answer your question-You will find Maketu Pies at all Progressive Supermarkets (Countdown;Foodtown;WoolWorths)in the Service Deli's hot and Chilled.Countdown should have a chilled selection in the Deli cheese display.At the other stores ask, and you should recieve.There are 17 flavours listed for these supermarkets.I have plans to find a Dist. in your area to supply the route trade.We are currently undertaking a trial with Gull-WoolWorths, and all going well we will be the premium pie supplier for all these sites including Palmy.

Hi Daph, Yes Maketu Pies do a Mussel Pie,A-Grade mussels in a cheese sauce, we have 16 other flavours.You will find our pies at all Service Deli's in New World,WoolW,Countdown and Foodtown in your area both hot and chilled.If you can't find ask the lovely Deli staff for help.We have a Dist.in your area and I will endevour to get some location names for you.

Thankyou both for your interest.Kind Regards Andrew Johnstone-Maketu Pies.

Hi. Used to love your Smoked Fish Pie from Countdown. Cambridge. Bought one from Botany Downs Coundown and it was terrible. What has gone wrong? in fact was the 2nd one we bought there but will never do again
Yours faithfully,
Margaret Cross


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